For iPhone and iPod Touch.



Slingshot is a challenging game of space and physics where you'll use the planets' gravity to get your missile to its target. Find a route to your opponent quickly, but don't be too direct; Slingshot rewards meandering missiles.


  • Use the gravitational pull of the planets to guide your shot to its target.
  • 16 levels of single-player Arcade Mode that's different every time.
  • Scoring model encourages creative shots while power-ups and your opponent's ever-closer shots encourage efficiency.
  • Online leaderboards show both your own scores and (optionally) those of your friends.
  • Unlock ships for use in Free Play, the 2-4 player game mode allowing any combination of AI players and humans on your device.
  • Resume your Arcade or Free Play game at any time.
  • Not online when you get a great score? Slingshot queues it up to be submitted later.
  • High-contrast display mode.

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